Holistically working on the core, not the symptoms

A personal approach

I work with you to look at the underlying causes that keep you from being able to live life with enthusiasm and self-love. In doing so, I work holistically. This means that, among other things, I work on your beliefs and thoughts in your head, on your emotions and on your physical health. I also work directly with your consciousness so that you can become free of deeply rooted beliefs and emotions.

I work on location in Nijmegen and Cuijk, but I can also offer online counseling.

Level of consciousness

Everything you give attention to grows and becomes stronger. At the level of your awareness or focus, we can recognize which emotions and thoughts we consciously or unconsciously give strength over and over again and thereby maintain. By relaxing the focus, these emotions and thoughts come up less and less often and less strongly.

Level of beliefs, convictions and thoughts

What thoughts you have depend entirely on the beliefs you have about yourself and the world. We will discover non-helpful beliefs, and we will change them to helpful beliefs. Sometimes this requires looking at why you have certain beliefs, and why you haven't been able in letting them go. I help you see that the belief is not serving you, and is only a perspective and not the only truth. In this way, I make it easier to positively change your beliefs and therefore your thoughts.

Level of the emotions and energy

Your beliefs about yourself and the world, and your thoughts that stem from them, determine what emotions you feel. The same situation can feel good to some, and bad to others. By adjusting your beliefs, you are already starting to feel better. By letting go of guilt, shame, fear, anger and desire without resistance, you gradually come more and more into a state of simply enjoying, enthusiasm, love, freedom and inner peace and contentment.

Level of the body

Exercise, nutrition and sleep also play an important role in how you feel. Although I am not a dietician or sports coach, I can help you get back into a nice rhythm of healthy living where appropriate.

Level of undertaking action and change

In the levels above, we mainly work internally with your thoughts, beliefs and emotions. To really enjoy life, it is also important to discover what you intrinsically like to do, and to actually do it. I help you to live more from your heart, and less from your head.