My story

From my own depression to helping people live full of energy and enthusiasm

I could never really find my place in the world. As a child, I didn’t understand the strife and hatred between people. Popularity I didn’t understand either, because I liked everyone. Still, my life wasn’t bad, and I had a pretty good time. In high school, things became more difficult for me. I didn’t see the point of what they were teaching me, and I developed a huge resistance to school. At the time, these motivation problems were “solved” by labeling me “ADD” at the psychiatric clinic. I was first given Concerta, and then Dexamphetamines. When going out, I drank a lot, and I smoked pot daily.

My resistance to life increased, and I also developed social anxiety. At that time, I felt that everyone thought negatively about me. My energy was so low that I had to crawl up the stairs to my room as an 18-year-old. I had numerous physical complaints, which the doctors could not explain. After a while, I also slept worse and worse. I dreaded every night because I felt so bad that lying still was just not possible. I remember thinking one night:

“If I ever get out of this, I promise to help other people who are still in this mess. I can’t just leave people in here.”


The way up

Regular health care has never been able to help me properly. After I didn’t sleep at all several nights in a row, my parents were desperate enough to consult alternative health care. I started seeing an orthomolecular physician. We worked mainly on nutrition, a little exercise, and I was given supplements that helped me a lot at the time. I could sleep again, and I began to rebuild my health.

After a few years of working on myself there, things were going “okay” again. But I still didn’t really have much energy, nor was I really enthusiastic about life. I was still very much learning and researching about the brain and the body. After I learned about epigenetics and began to better understand the interaction between the body, mind and emotions, I started to work more and more on my beliefs. Then I discovered an even deeper layer, the spiritual layer. Something that before then I only labeled as woo-woo and nonsense.

For years I delved deeper and deeper. I was working on this daily. Michael Singer’s books helped me to detach even more from everything that kept me from being enthusiastic and full of energy in life. Self-love was a big part of this. Dr. David Hawkins’ books helped me to intellectually understand the path to feeling better and better all the time.

During this process, I began to help more and more people. I lived what I learned, and I know the lessons so well that I couldn’t help but pass them on to people around me when I felt they wanted to be helped.

" By now I am 29 years old, and I see clearly what I can bring here. My dream for the world is that when someone asks the other how things are going, that the other does not answer 'good' out of habit, but responds with enthusiasm that things are going great. "

— 2022